Our Founder's Story

Momomoon started with the belief that we are all enough. So often we think that if I had more of x, or less of y, than I would be worthy, deserving, or _____ (fill in the blank for yourself). 
It can be hard to label, identify, and connect with how you're feeling! I created the characters of Momomoon to be used as tools that visually represent the range of emotions we all experience. The feelings you feel, they feel too. Momomoon and her friends were created to remind us to check in with ourselves, and to honor how we’re feeling; however that may be. They exist as avatars for us to see ourselves reflected in them as they visually mirror the emotions we all experience or what we might be wanting more of.
One of my intentions behind the creation of Momomoon is that it serves as a cheerleader for others, and as a source of community. The brand was born from my interest in exploring different concepts and questions... what does it look like to feel strong, what brings someone joy, and how does this feel? What does it look like to embody different emotional states, and how can we cultivate and self generate these feelings? How does one actually impact positive change? It is my hope to bring people together around these conversations, and for Momomoon to serve as a reminder of everyone's inherent worth, value, and enoughness.
Thank you for your support, it truly means the world. I'm grateful to be on this journey with you!
Lilian Cohen
Founder, Momomoon