About Momomoon

We’re rewriting what it means to be a conscious consumer, and what we believe people deserve and should come to expect from brands. We make products with intention that support your emotional journey.

We do this by anchoring the conversation around our lead character and brand namesake Momomoon (as well as her many friends). Through Momomoon’s journey, she visually reflects the range of emotional experiences and feelings that we all face. In this way she serves as tool for us all to see ourselves reflected in her. Momomoon anchors us and brings us back to who we truly are, and serves as a pattern interrupt for when we need the reminder that we are enough and are more than our circumstances and feelings. Through her ability to think beyond the present moment and to imagine the future state she wants to embody, she mirrors the desire we have all faced around wanting to close the divide between where we are and where we want to be.