Momomoon is a direct-to-consumer streetwear brand with intention. We are committed to impacting positive change and believe that all people are enough.

We are more than a clothing company, we are a community of individuals who are passionate about creating the world we want to live in, and believe that our neighbor should be treated with the same dignity and respect that we would like to receive ourselves.

We believe that you are enough. Not just one aspect of you, not on one particular day, not based on metrics other establish — but rather we believe in the inherent dignity, worth, and value of all people, always.

Collection 01

Collection 02

Apart Not Alone

Apart Not Alone, centers around the belief that while we may be physically apart right now, that doesn’t mean we need to be emotionally separated from others. Rather, now more than ever we believe it is important to be there for others, to lift each other up, and to be the light we want to see; to be a source of joy and optimism.
This moment is asking us to reimagine the society we want to live in, and to redefine what this world looks like. We are being called upon to hold up a mirror to both our own actions as individuals, and to the actions of society as a whole. We are being asked to take action, ask questions, and be engaged; to examine our own impact, values, and beliefs.
While we are balancing physical separation, this societal transformation is happening nonetheless. It is a moment in time that unites us all regardless of our physical proximity. We are being summoned to recognize and advocate for the worth, value, and dignity of all people, and are being asked to recognize that we all have the power to impact positive change.

As we continue to share our #ApartNotAlone stories, Ed. 02 looks at how we can bring balance to the light and dark sides that exist in all our lives. This collection draws inspiration from the exchange between the light and dark that exists within all of us, and in all situations. It explores the dance between these two polarities, and how we can find balance in our lives. 


We celebrate you — the individual who has the ability to directly impact positive change, and strive to co-create a more inclusive world together.

We are a community that believes in supporting each other and lifting our neighbor up. We believe that everyone has a story to share, and we celebrate all of it. We value diversity and inclusion, and are stronger when everyone is heard and respected.

Manufacturing Process

All of our clothing at Momomoon is made to order. That means that nothing is made unless a customer places an order. This results in a more sustainable manufacturing process as we don't mass produce any of our items, which oftentimes (for mass-produced garments) results in unsold goods being burned or ending up in the landfill.

Our clothing is digitally printed using equipment that uses virtually zero wastewater and less energy than other industry printers. This results in a drastic reduction of the toxic chemical run-off into the water stream that typically occurs when clothing is silkscreened.