Our Founder's Story

Momomoon started with the belief that we are all enough. So often we think that if I had more of x, or less of y, that if my life was more x then I would be worthy, deserving, or happy (to name a few). When in reality we all have what it takes at this very moment, we just have to believe it and have the courage to be it. It is my belief that the fact that we are all enough is a powerful message to dismantle the many metrics that have been created to incite division amongst people. Beyond that, it is a conviction that encourages stepping into one's own self-worth and inherent value during times of inevitable self doubt. 

One of my intentions behind the creation of Momomoon is that it serves as a cheerleader for others, and as a platform for connection. The brand was born from my interest in exploring different concepts and questions ... what does it look like to feel strong when I have lacked confidence, what truly brings me joy? What does it look like to embody different emotional states, and how can I cultivate and self generate these within myself? How does one actually impact positive change? It is my hope to bring people together around these shared conversations, and that Momomoon serves as a reminder of everyone's inherent worth, value, and enoughness.

I believe it is not only possible for brands to do good, but is incumbent upon business leaders to do so. Otherwise, what is the point? It is imperative for businesses to regard their communities not as a collection of consumers, but rather to care about the emotional well-being of all who interact with one's brand. Cultivating meaningful relationships is at the core of what we do.

I'm grateful to be on this journey with you!

Lilian Cohen
Founder, Momomoon