1. Friend Favs

    Friend Favs

    Let’s swap songs! Share your fav songs and we’ll add it to our community Friend Favs playlist! 💗  Comment your fav songs below!
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  2. Feels


    Enjoy this Feels playlist for all... those... feels <3 Happy listening!   What songs do you listen to when you're in the feels? Let us know below.
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  3. Momomoon's Mixtape

    Momomoon's Mixtape

    Help us build a mix for Momomoon! What songs remind you of her and give you that Momomoon vibe?! We want to know, comment below! 🥰🎧💘🐰 In the meanti...
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  4. Halloween Jams

    Halloween Jams

    Enjoy our Halloween Jams playlist for all those spooky vibes. Boo!   What's your favorite spooky song? Comment below!
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  5. Beach Jams

    Beach Jams

    Heading to the beach? On your way to the park? Enjoy our community-created Beach Jams playlist! 💘🌤⛱    What some do you love from this playlist? C...
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  6. It's Momomoon!

    It's Momomoon!

    Enjoy this peach-themed playlist to celebrate the launch of Momomoon! It's Momomoon! Let us know what you think, comment below <3
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  7. Hot Summer Day

    Hot Summer Day

    It's a hot summer day... let's listen to this mix! Enjoy! Let us know what you think! Comment below <3
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  8. Clean your space!

    Clean your space!

    Enjoy our Clean Your Space playlist while you... clean your space! Comment below to let us know what you think!
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  9. Fall Feels

    Fall Feels

    Take a listen to our Fall Feels playlist as we head into cozy szn. Enjoy!
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  10. Community Playlist

    Community Playlist

    Enjoy our Community Playlist for you, by you! Listen to music hand-selected by *you* — our community! Join us in Geneva to contribute your own song...
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  11. Just Peachy

    Just Peachy

    Enjoy this peachy playlist to celebrate our Just Peachy collection!      
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  12. Mood 01

    Mood 01

    Enjoy our Mood 01 chill playlist that invites you to pause, reflect, and check in with yourself :)
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