Welcome to Momomoon Friends! 💘

At Momomoon we believe that everyone is enough. We exist to normalize the range of emotions we all experience, and to co-create a supportive community around this. We like to think of Momomoon Friends as: community x tools for personal development x affiliate program.

We're excited to be on this journey with you! Here's how it works:

→ Join our Momomoon Friends community app on Geneva!

Head on over to our community platform on Geneva to be part of our supportive, inclusive community. Our Momomoon Friends app is a place to make new friends and continue the conversations we've been having on Instagram around normalizing the feelings we all experience.

All are welcome to join! We believe in bringing down the walls that have historically created a divide around access to mental health resources, support, and connection. It's our hope that in building this community you feel (if even in the smallest way) more supported, less alone, and that just like you there are other people going through what you're feeling. It's our dream to co-create a community that lifts one another up and celebrates the wins of our Friends (and of ourselves!).

Let's create the world we want to see, together. Click here to join!

→ Perks of being part of our Momomoon Friends program:

  • When you sign up for our Momomoon Friends program you'll have the opportunity to create your unique Friend link/code that can live in your bio or be shared on social. When someone makes a purchase using it you'll earn a 10% commission that's redeemable as either a financial payment or store credit (your choice). Your friend who shops through your link or code will also get a 10% discount off their order. There's no limit to how many times an individual can shop your link/code to receive a discount (and for you to receive your commission!).
  • 50% off your first purchase.
  • 25% off 1 item from each new collection (good until the next collection launches).
  • Early access to new collections.
  • Friend-specific items designed just for you!
  • Each month that someone purchases at least once through your link/code you'll receive a 25% discount to our store (good for 1 year) off any 1 item of your choosing.
  • 50% off 1 item for your birthday :)
  • Access to special sales!

There are no sales targets or minimums for you to be part of the program. We truly appreciate everyone's love and shout out's and wanted to create this as a way to thank you for your support.

Click here to signup and join!

Of course, if you ever have any questions or would like to get in touch, don't hesitate to email us at: friends@momomoon.com. We always love hearing from you! 💘