We are thrilled to announce the launch of Bake Sale, our collaborative fundraising initiative for the month of February. We care about co-creating a community rooted in equality and inclusion, and are excited to work together to support the organizations that are important to you! 

Through Bake Sale, we will release a series of items to raise money for a range of organizations focused on racial justice and gender equality. Our first item, the Bake Sale Crew, will be available starting February 1st for Black History Month.

For this item, we will donate $20 from the sale of each Bake Sale Crew to a racial justice organization of the community's choosing.

How this will work: Throughout the first week of February you will have the opportunity to let us know in our Instagram Stories which racial justice organization you would like to see the Bake Sale proceeds benefit. For our donation, we will select the most referenced organization. The recipient will be announced at the end of Black History Month.

Stay tuned as we continue to launch additional Bake Sale items throughout the year to raise money for organizations that echo our shared values of equality and inclusion. 
We care about impacting positive change together. Thank you for your support.

To view the Bake Sale Crew, please visit our Shop.