About Momomoon

Momomoon is the lead character of an entire collection of characters. The brand was born out of a period of personal struggle; one in which I faced obstacles not dissimilar to the challenges we all face throughout our life. The philosophy for the brand grew out of a time when I felt helpless to the events happening around me. While I had already been developing the illustrations for Momomoon and her friends, I began assigning different emotional attributes to the range of visual states that the characters embody. These states reflect the spectrum of moods and mindsets we all occupy. Momomoon's ability to visually reflect these states represents the broad range of feelings we all experience. When she is feeling a certain way, or is needing more of a particular attribute, she visually reflects what she is needing more of or how she is feeling. The illustrated depictions highlight the power we all possess in our own lives, and that the one thing we can all control (in an often chaotic world) is our mind, our approach to it, and our outlook on our circumstances.

It is my hope that you see a part of yourself reflected in Momomoon, regardless of where you are in your life, or what you're going through. My intention that she serves as a reminder that you have what you need, and that you're always enough.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. Welcome to the World of Momomoon, we're glad you stopped by!

— Lilian Cohen, Founder


Her as Herself
When she's feeling grounded in her truth she appears as the rest of the world sees her — she appears as herself. She looks this way when she's connected to her heart, and her truth. In these moments she feels like herself. It is during these times where she feels that she can be free to express her true, authentic self. 

Momomoon Ninja
Sometimes there's an obstacle in her path. Sometimes it feels so overwhelming and insurmountable that Momomoon doesn't know where to begin or how to overcome it. In these moments, she digs deep — into the inner strength we all possess — and faces the obstacle in her path. When she's in this zone she knows that she isn't fragile, and that she can handle more than she thinks. Momomoon, like all of us, is resilient and can take what comes her way. When she is in this state of mind she feels what she is afraid to feel. Knowing that feeling what she is feeling often takes the most courage of all.  

Momomoon Punk
Sometimes she feels a sense of irreverent confidence. A conviction in herself, who she is, her individuality, her place in the world, and her sense of self. At these times she confidently walks in the direction of her dreams and isn't bothered by what others may think of her. She charts her own path. She paves the path she wants to walk. Afterall, being yourself is the point.