We’re rewriting what it means to be a conscious consumer, and what we believe people deserve and should come to expect from brands. We make products with intention that reflect the emotional journey of us all.

We do this by guiding the conversation around our lead character and brand namesake Momomoon (sidenote: did you know that Momo means peach 🍑  in Japanese?!). Through Momomoon’s journey of personal discovery and growth, she reflects the range of emotional experiences and feelings that we all face. In this way she serves as an avatar for us all to see ourselves reflected in her. Momomoon anchors us and brings us back to who we truly are, and serves as a pattern interrupt for when we need the reminder that we’re all enough and are more than our circumstances and feelings. Through her ability to think beyond the present moment and to imagine the future state she wants to embody, she mirrors the desire we have all faced around wanting to close the divide between where we are and where we want to be.


Meet Momomoon
Meet Momomoon, a bunny who loves to have fun and bring a smile to your face!

Momomoon is named after the peach tree at the center of her village. This makes sense — after all, Momomoon loves peaches! Her favorite activities are: having picnics at the beach with her friends, swinging in the park, and planting flowers in her garden. She has a pet caterpillar named Moo. Momomoon lives with her parents and younger sister. Her grandparents live next door, and she loves listening to their stories while drinking peach lemonade on their porch. Momomoon enjoys going to school, making new friends, and going on adventures.

Momomoon lives in a beautiful world overflowing with patterns and color. She loves to eat peaches from the 1,000 year old Momo tree in the park at the center of her village. One day after swinging in the park with her friends, she noticed that the peaches on this particular Momo tree seemed to glow. Curious to try these peaches as she always loved the fruit, she discovered that they gave her magical powers that allowed her to transform states in a flash.

Momomoon is a little girl with a large curiosity for why the world is the way it is. She is inquisitive, self-aware, and wonders how she can face the struggles she feels within herself, and the challenges she experiences in her daily life. She discovered that after eating a peach from the magical Momo tree she was able to summon what she needed to face a challenge. She was suddenly able to transform her appearance to match how she sees herself in her mind's eye to face the obstacles in front of her. Now, when she needs more courage she imagines herself as a ninja. When she needs more confidence she sees her inner punk. She visually embodies the state of any emotion she feels.

Momomoon was so excited to have discovered this special Momo tree, that she shared it with all her friends. To everyone’s delight, they got the magical powers as well! They all have their own unique way to transform — they snap, whistle, jump, blow bubbles. They always enjoy playing together and making new friends. They have fun going on adventures together and know that they can always call up what they need to face an obstacle. Momomoon and her friends love to share their joy with others, and can’t wait for you to join in the fun!